Fishing Reports

Fishing Report

Thursday, 10-17 Fishing Report

Thursday, October 17 2013

Serious bite today. Big porgies and sea bass. Went home two hours early, by customer request.

Sunday, 10-6 Fishing Report

Sunday, October 6 2013

Awesome fishing. Big porgies and Sea bass today. Non stop action from the moment we arrived on the grounds, to the moment we left. Lots of happy fares today.

Tuesday, 10-1 Fishing Report

Tuesday, October 1 2013

Phenomenal weekend action on the big porgies and sea bass. The fish are big , hungry, and very aggressive. It's definitely "Porgy Time".

Saturday, 9-28 Fishing Report

Saturday, September 28 2013

Amazing fishing today. Plenty of BIG porgies and sea bass.

Wednesday, 8-7 Fishing Report

Wednesday, August 7 2013

Another beautiful weather day and some great porgy fishing, including a nice mix of keeper sea bass. Most of the real Jumbo porgies were caught in deep water around the change of tide, but there was still all day action.

Tuesday, 8-6 Fishing Report

Tuesday, August 6 2013

Good day, Nice weather, lots of big porgies, and even some nice big sea bass. Ellie Braun wowed the boat with a 4.10 lb. Sea Bass, and a large sack of porgy fillets.. Lots of action for everyone!!

The Captain and crew of the Peconic Star Fleet, mourn the loss of the Montauk legend, Captain Fred Bird of the Flying Cloud. He was a superb fisherman, a good friend, and a true gentleman. We will sincerely miss him.

Monday, 8-5 Fishing Report

Monday, August 5 2013

Took all day, but we put a nice catch together. A beautiful day to be out on the water, but many of the shallow spots did not produce because of the bright sunshine. We did the best in the deeper water up to 110 feet. The high atmospheric pressure does'nt seemto bother the porgies in the deep. We took advantage of it and put some nice jumbos in the coolers!!

Wednesday, 8-1 Fishing Report

Thursday, August 1 2013

Good day.  Lots of  big Porgies!

Monday, 7-8 Fishing Report

Monday, July 8 2013

A welcome surprise after Sundays tough fluke bite. A fair pick in the morning opened up to a very good bite on the outgoing tide., resulting in most anglers going home with a fluke dinner.

A reminder, that the peconic star begins its' full time porgy trips on Wednesday the 10th (Sea Bass opens up that day also!!) . We will be fishing for fluke this Friday the 12th and Sunday the 14th only.  Next week it will revert to our friday, Saturday, and Sunday schedule. through August.

Friday & Saturday, 6-21 & 6-22 Fishing Report

Saturday, June 22 2013

Beautiful weather and good fluke fishing. Mike Gervasi up from Charlotte NC boated a 6.1 lb fluke. Danny K. of Westchester NY followed with a 5.30 lbr. everyone went home with a fluke dinner. Saturdays fluke were caught within sight of our dock, close to home, and lots of sinker bouncing time.